Introducing AirForce BlowGuns ™ – one of the simplest yet most effective foam dart guns ever made.  Using time proven technology, AirForce BlowGuns are engineered to capitalize on your skill and strength.

Harnessing the power of your lungs, you can shoot up
to 800 feet per second (muzzle velocity) and distances
of over 100 feet.  Most veterans shoot about 1 round
per second.

In the field of battle you’ll be deadly accurate at 45 to 50
feet, easily tagging opponents with lesser guns.

In rigorous live testing and actual battle situations, AirForce BlowGuns™ are consistently victorious.  Some worthy,
yet unsuccessful opponents include the Nerf™ N-Strike
series:  Nerf Raider, Nerf Vulcan, Nerf Stampede,
Nerf Barricade, Nerf Barrel Break, Nerf
Exclusive Alpha Trooper, Nerf Longstrike,  Nerf Recon,
Nerf Deploy, Nerf Maverick and Nerf Firefly as well as all Air Blaster models.

AirForce BlowGuns™ are compatible with most darts from: Nerf™,  Air Zone™,  Buzz Bee™, Sucker Shots™, NXT Generation™, and many more.

For those hard core players who like to make their own Stefans, AirForce BlowGuns™ are compatible with your Stefans as well.  You may find that you can shoot a traditional nerf-type dart farther in the AirForce BlowGuns than even your Stefans because the rubber ring on the nerf-type dart seals the air pressure in the barrel.

The aforementioned names are trade marks of their respective companies.

Get ready to dominate - own yours today!


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“It was a massacre” (AirForce BlowGuns™ vs Nerf Raider CS 35 and Nerf Pistols)

“This gun shoots harder, faster and more accurately than any of the "Blasters" out there. It has real, functional sights that allow you to aim, making it possible to group darts in a very tight circle even from a distance. The quality is superb and it's extremely simple to use. It comes with safety glasses which are surprisingly high quality as well. I'm 32 years young and purchased this for use in the occasional foam dart battle the breaks out in my office. Needles to say, I'm no longer messed with since I can silently pick-off "Blaster" co-workers from further away than they can even shoot.”

“I got sent these as a gift...I've enjoyed them so much I'm ordering more for my sales team! One of my favorite features is the fact that you get perfect sight alignment/sight picture when you fire! Seriously awesome and worth the buy!!! Big shout out to the inventor of these amazing toys, I now have the edge on my kids in our Nerf wars!”

“I love these guns, I am a 35 year father of 4 and as a family we like to battle. We have N*rf revolvers that have been pretty fun, but after time the darts tend to jam up. Not so with the Airforce blowguns. It is true, your rate of fire is decreased--its nice to have a revolver on hand in case of a "charge", but what is not advertised is that you can load up 5 or 6 darts and with one blow cast a devastating shotgun blast that travels just as far as the N*rf brand revolvers can shooting on one at a time.

Another huge advantage
is long distance
These guns
perform amazing--
picking off my kids
from across the
living room all the
way into my kitchen
is very consistent reality.

And finally, no moving parts=durability.
I love these guns!”

“Man, oh man! These are
the BEST! Ten
of us just played
with them for two hours, and didn't want to stop!”